Raise your hand if you've heard of the cliched girl born and raised in the boonies, longing to strike out on her own and see the world. Me too, and I'm her ...well, sort of. 


I long to see the world; to experience its nuances, its cherry blossoms and its snowfalls, but more so, I long to meet God's people.


Travel is not about the curry eaten in New Dehli, but the hands that made it -the hands that have a story to tell; it's not a stray 'my Lyft driver in London was so nice' comment, it's the extra five minutes it takes to get to know him and to thank him. 

With my life, I hope to shed some light in the darkness, give a voice to the voiceless, celebrate the beautiful moments and share these stories with the world, all the while, sharing the news of Jesus Christ. 

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I am an editor and writer on Medium for Girl Around the Globe -a women-centered travel and culture publication. Click the icon to visit.